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California Promo

Pulled together these clips before my official California post, check it out…

Nevada the Desert and U.S. Route 50


Just over the mountains was Nevada, another layer among the others in the desert. Riding on U.S. 50 was everything I envisioned. The long roads that seemed forever, riding shirtless when you catch a breeze, starting early to get a cool ride right before the birds wake, riding at night with an entirely different experience. It gave us everything we wanted including the cold chill on the fingertips. It sometimes seemed like we were racing to get to California but didn’t want it to end.



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Nevada Video

While editing for the Nevada post I managed to pull a quick video together. Check it out!

Transitions in Utah


The ninety degree weather Utah presents to you during the day with it’s desert terrain is just a bit of what my perception was upon riding the first few days. The fleeting transitions of the landscape began to develop while traversing Continue Reading →

The road to the Rockies


When I think about Colorado The Rocky Mountains is the first that comes to mind. I remember flying over them via airplane several times and seeing them as I looked out the window. The problem was I could only see snow and bits and pieces of them as the clouds blanketed the massive rock. Continue Reading →

Riding the Great Plains of Kansas


Miles and miles of open road, pedaling through the wind daily that can sometimes work with or against you, multiple variations of weather, feed farms with their unpleasant smell and eighteen wheelers throwing gravel at your shins from the road as they pass by only sums up part of my experience riding through Kansas. Continue Reading →

Missouri Roads Cycled

Riding through the southern parts of Missouri you’ll get to see lots of mountains, springs and farms. But what lies between them are the distances the earth comprises. While on my bicycle trip across country I’ve been enticed by the roads in which I traveled. They twist and turn, with some consisting of large grades and big descents that mirror a roller coaster ride at a theme park. Many of Missouri’s roads reminded me of the Cyclone at Coney Island.

Anyone who has been taken for a ride on this two-minute mechanical monster would know what I mean. Well the roads are similar in that they catapult you with your next turn being a roller section. Here are a few images on the road throughout Southern Missouri. View the entire full gallery on my portfolio here DwayneBurgessPhotography


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Six days in Kentucky


After passing through breaks Interstate Park, Kentucky greeted me with two flat tires, three dog chases and inadequate weather all packed in a day of riding. Ok… so sure I may be unleashing my irritation just a little bit. In hindsight Kentucky has a rich Appalachian culture with Civil War presence in the Southeastern Kentucky areas. It was Continue Reading →

Surly Long Haul Trucker Bike Check

While racking up miles and being in different locations daily. Everyone ask how my bike performs and some of the parts I currently run. So I put together a quick bike check video on my Surly Long Haul Trucker while based in Vesuvius, VA for a couple of days about a week ago. For the most part the bike is stock with a few add-ons from my other bikes in the garage. Check it out!

Climbing Blue Ridge Parkway


Apart from the wet boots, squinting my eyes from the sharp raindrops and not being able to figure out if I was soaking wet or sweating under my hard shell rain jacket. Climbing the Blue Ridge Parkway was a joyance and one to be remembered. The passes once ascending the peaks on the ridgelines, Continue Reading →


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